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What Does a Front End Developer Do?

Computers, coding, and how the internet works can seem like confusing concepts for many people. There is much to learn about the roles each person has in creating code — but what a front rnd developer does is a good place to start. We sometimes think of the internet as this overwhelmingly complicated place, but it can be simplified. With a basis of knowledge, it is possible to understand what is going on behind the scenes every time you go online.

Now, in the simplest terms, a front end developer deals with the beginning of a person’s experience on a browser. For example, say you open up Google Chrome on your laptop, everything visually that you can see is made by a front end developer. The Google logo, the tabs for image search, the coding that delivers you through the internet to a different website, etc.; this is all the handy work of the front end. They are responsible for the look and feel of every site you click on. The main task of a front end developer is to create interaction and a user experience that will keep them intrigued. Most browsers or individual sites are not boring. This is on purpose. It catches the users’ senses. Don’t get confused though, a web designer is the person that orchestrates how a website looks to our eye. However, without the front end coding, there would be no website. From the top; a front end developer creates coding that enables the website designer to create a beautiful, but usable site.

Some companies are now beginning to use “responsive” front end developers. So, the original use for the developer was fixed, meaning that the site would get developed and that was all the user would ever see. But in today’s world, people want more. Companies began tailoring browsers to the users. By adding extra coding, the user can adapt their own way of using it, making it easier for them to understand. The developer wants to create a website where there is a mix of functionality and speed. It should be easy to use for anyone but also fast so that the user experience is as pleasurable as possible.

The job of a front end developer is not an easy one. Since they are coding, the developer has to be extremely tech savvy. But they can’t only be good technically, as the developer has to be creative as well. They are helping the web designer create a website that keeps users coming back time and time again.

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