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Pasadena, CA

319 S Arroyo Pkwy Suite 5, Pasadena, CA 91105
At E Del Mar and S Arroyo
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Hello Coders and Coders-to-be! The #1 after-school coding program for ages 7-18 in Silicon Valley is now in the Los Angeles area. With Caltech and JPL just down the street, Pasadena is where the next generation of thinkers, innovators and coders are all gathering.

Whether your coder is brand new to Scratch, already programming distributed code in Python or preparing for the CS AP exam, we can help your coder get to the next level. Unlike other programs, our experienced coaches are trained to tap your student's interest in a fun and innovative way. This unique approach fosters a lifelong passion for building and technology. Our unique program will equip your student with life skills of creativity, critical thinking (logic, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks), and confidence which are valuable for school and any future career. Contact us today to learn more.

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Who is theCoderSchool

Code Coaching®

Code Coaching® is our core philosophy, and what our school is all about!  We believe that every student is different, and that kids should learn in the way that works best for each child. How? Our Code Coaches® - they're the magic sauce!  Unlike some coding schools, we don't just leave the kids in front of a computer, expecting the software to teach them how to code. Nor do we force all kids to go through the same curriculum or projects, regardless of their skills and interests. Instead, our Code Coaches® customize their lessons for each child, and focus on a 2 on 1 mentee-mentor relationship with our kids so our students can get the focused attention they need.

Code Coaching® works for kids of all ages and skill levels, from novice to advanced. From game development to web apps, Python to Java, or even niche technologies like AI and beyond, our Coaches can help your kids achieve their goals.

Sessions run one or two hours a week (your choice), at the same time every week on a schedule that works for both you and our assigned Coach. Check out our video for more info!

Coding Lessons for Kids in Pasadena, CA

Coding takes practice, and we believe getting kids to code consistently throughout the year is the only way they'll really learn to code! That's where our Code Coaches® come in, providing a long-term mentoring relationship to teach kids to code, from someone who's a coder themselves.

Our coding school's flagship program, Code Coaching®, combines a super-small teaching ratio of typically 2:1 or 1:1 with individualized curriculum so kids are able to move at their own pace, doing things that interest them most. This program works for kids of all ages and skill levels. From game development to web apps, Python to Java, or even niche technologies like AI and beyond, our Code Coaches can help your kids achieve their programming goals. Sessions run one or two hours a week (your choice), at the same time every week on a schedule that works for both you and our assigned Coach. Our lessons are taught in-person at our schools where available, or can be online for social distancing. Fill out our form above to get a free trial today!

Our Coder Tree®

We believe that every student learns in his or her own way, not only in what they want to work on, but how fast and how much. Our Coder Tree® is a visualization of our students' learning options as they grow and a sampling of some of the topics we teach. Like real trees, our students' coding journeys are unique from each other, but all require strong foundations and trunks to support their higher, advanced branches. Need a magnifying glass? Here's a zoomable view.

Tracking Progress

Custom coding means tracking progress is even more important! Our suite of proprietary tools* does just that. Our Coder Progress and Notes+ systems chart weekly progress through concept tracking and freeform notes. App Reviews track longer term progress by identifying current skills to build their individual Coder Tree®. Finally, our Student Portal is a one-stop shop to see it all and then some! Confused? It's complicated! Get an idea by clicking through a Sample Student's functional Student Portal to see for yourself.

* Used by participating locations, check your location for availability

Apps We Build

Congressional App Challenge

Each year, theCoderSchool partners with the Congressional App Challenge, a nationwide coding contest run by districts of the U.S. Congress. Take a look at our recent winners, or ask about our App Gallery to see more apps!

  • Drone/AI social distance detection
    2020 Winner - Buffalo NY
    Drone/AI social distance detection
  • Teen job/volunteer matching
    2020 Winner - St Louis MO
    Teen job/volunteer matching
  • Note taking for online learning
    2020 Winner - Las Vegas NV
    Note taking for online learning
  • Distribute restaurant leftovers
    2020 Winner - Syosset NY
    Distribute restaurant leftovers
  • Webapp using real-time weather
    2020 2nd Place - St Louis MO
    Webapp using real-time weather
  • Assess COVID wellness
    2020 3rd Place - Syosset NY
    Assess COVID wellness
  • Checkbook balancing
    2020 Hon. Men. - Westerville OH
    Checkbook balancing
  • 3D Platformer Game
    2020 Best Prez - Pasadena CA
    3D Platformer Game
  • Disaster recovery support
    2019 Winner - Buffalo NY
    Disaster recovery support
  • Online teaching app
    2019 Winner - St. Louis MO
    Online teaching app

2020 (Online) Holiday Camps

Half-Day (AM and PM) Camps

We will be holding Online holiday camps during the months of November and December 2020. Half-Day morning camps will run from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm and Half-Day afternoon camps will run 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Mon-Fri (for those who want to do both sessions in the same week, this is also an option).

Our Online Holiday Camps will use Zoom and will be a mixture of working on a week-long coding project, challenges, tech talks, small group collaboration with breakout rooms, interactive games, and screen-free breaks, and the opportunity to share their creations with fellow campers (and parents) on Friday. Additionally, all of our Camps will include cooperative team-building physical activities.

Campers will be required to have the following minimum technology available at home::
(1) Windows PC, Apple/Mac or Chromebook or similar computer with internet connection [For Roblox camp, chromebooks will not work for Roblox Studio]; (2) Microphone/Speakers - most computers have a built-in microphone/speakers that should work; and (3) Video/Web camera connected to or part of your computer that allows us to see your child and coach them better based on their reactions.

We offer a holiday discount of $150 off. Use the code HOLIDAY2020 at checkout! (For those who want to do both the AM and PM sessions in the same week for a special $400 price please contact us by phone at 626-345-5875) . Sign up now! Camp registration may be canceled up to 15 days prior to the first day of the start of camp for a full refund. Cancellations made up to 14 days prior are eligible for a 50% refund.. Camps require a minimum registration in order to run, and we have the right to refund your money or give you the option to attend another session based on capacity.

(Looking for more details? You can also read more about our main camps.)

Week Format Camp Ages Price
12/28-12/31 Half Day - AM Game Development (AM - Online) We'll be using cool drag-n-drop languages like Scratch to create some cool new and classic games! Aimed at our newbie and novice coders. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow offer different projects for continued skill development. Learn more Ages 7+ Ages 7+ $399 $249
12/28-12/31 Half Day - PM Rise of the Machines (PM - Online) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest buzzwords today, and we're ready to help you tackle it. What is AI? Why is it taking over the world? When will the Terminator come back and take down John Connor?? We'll talk about AI use cases, dive into some fundamental algorithms and create some basic AI apps. Some Coding Experience Preferred. Learn more Ages 8+ Ages 8+ $399 $249

Our Testimonials

  • "Despite the difficulty of schooling during this time, The Coder School in Pasadena has done an excellent job of reorganizing lessons from on site to online. I like that the lessons are one-on-one and build towards a project geared for the individual student."
    Jennifer W, Pasadena
  • "Just awesome! Great program and great ownership! It was a pleasure working with Nicole. She has a heart for the kids and is making an amazing impact!"
    Eugene H, Los Angeles
  • "Nicole is absolutely wonderful. She's on top of any issue that may arise and is just delightful to communicate with. Cindy (Instructor) has all the patients in the world. Pushes you to use your brain. If you're stuck, she knows how to nudge you in the right direction to get you to the correct answer. Lovely to work with and learn from. Strongly recommend them, if you or your child are interested in learning Python."
    Briyona D, Pasadena
  • "My 11th grader has loved working with his Coder School Pasadena coach. The staff and coach have been so professional, patient, accommodating, resourceful and, more than anything, inspirational. My son has always been interested in technology, but, thanks to these classes, he has been so motivated. He is interested in pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, and the training with The Coder School is helping him build a strong foundation towards this pursuit. Thank you!"
    Evelyn S, Sunland
  • "This is a cool way of learning coding. The teacher makes It is fun and easy to learn while helping everyone stay focused. Learning online is really working for us."
    Brian C, Pasadena
  • "Our son had an amazing experience doing one of the Coder School Pasadena's remote game design summer camps this year. He was able to do it from home and we were very impressed with the level of engagement the teachers had with the kids. Everyone was having such a good time! Our son kept working on his games even when camp was over for the day. We overheard him say to his little brother, "
    Eden M, Los Angeles
  • "I honestly cannot say enough about the Coder School of Pasadena. The owner, Nicole, is unbelievable. She has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to create a virtual coding camp that my son (10) finds so incredibly fun, it flies by. He cannot wait to do it. (He does a half-day version.) With Covid-19 we now have something that challenges his mind and entertains him--and we don't have to feel awful that he's watching TV or just playing video games when we need to get work done. Someday we hope he can do the camp in person, but in the meantime the instructors are amazing and my son just loves it so so much. Best money we have spent all summer for SURE! "
    Amy D, Los Angeles
  • "Awesome program. Great way to learn real programming. Our daughter really enjoys it. Good combination of games, physical exercise, and computer training. The online format works well."
    Matt T, Los Angeles
  • "When I met Nicole and heard what she did and her passion for it, I could hardly wait to sign up. It's been years since I had anything to do with coding, but it's always something that appealed to me. And I found out my granddaughters and my son were equally interested. So, now the four of us--all living in different parts of the country--happily look forward to our weekly sessions and sometimes have some lively discussions between classes going over what we did the previous week! Nicole is always quick to respond when I send questions and totally receptive to input about anything that would make the sessions more relevant to all of us. I am so glad to have found out about this!"
    Barbara R, Pasadena
  • "The Coder School is the best kept secret in Pasadena! The Coder School brings new technology and innovation to the children in our community. We attended the Grand Opening and were completely impressed and booked then on the spot. They provide a wide range of programs that cater to a child's individual needs. Since this new crisis they have been able to shift into an online version to continue running their programs. My 11 year-old looks forward to his weekly lessons and is quickly broadening his creativity. The coaches are gentle and caring of the learning of each child. They provide a summary of what was covered after each class, this keeps us parents in the loop of our child's progress!"
    Silvia A, Pasadena
  • "I can't speak highly enough about The Coder School. My 10-year-old niece was indicating some interest and aptitude in computer technology. Being technology Luddites, her parents and I were totally clueless on what to do to support her. That's when I found The Coder School. She just loves it! Every week, she looks forward to her class (now remote) with her coach. The classes are tailored just for her and coach Cindy is super encouraging. She's learning computer programming in a fun and supportive environment, but she is also learning other important life skills that she will serve her well in the future. The school is super responsive to our needs - we were once late to class and they contacted us and then tacked time on at the end. Thank you Coder School Pasadena!"
    Melissa W, Pasadena
  • "My son is having a wonderful experience at The Coder School Pasadena. The instructors are exceptional. I was skeptical whether an online class could be engaging for him, but he is having a blast and learning a lot. It's a quarantine lifesaver!"
    Karin K, Pasadena

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Our Upcoming Events


Have your Troop earn their "STEM", "Coding For Good", or other Badges by attending a REMOTE Computer Technology Workshop on-line over the Internet, from the safety of their own home!

Our 60 to 90-minute coding workshops are designed to help Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes or Seniors earn each their badges. Each workshop (min 8 students) are at a very affordable cost, starting at only $12 per girl.

Our Code Coaches® will introduce the girls in your troop to the world of coding using a variety of on-line tools, such as Scratch, a graphical, drag-and-drop coding language that was developed by MIT (for younger girls) or Python and HTML (for older girls). Additionally, we will have the girls read, discuss and sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.

Contact our school for more information and schedule availability for this unique educational opportunity for your troop.

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319 S Arroyo Pkwy Suite 5, Pasadena, CA 91105
At E Del Mar and S Arroyo
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Our Schools

Meet Our Family

Chang Fasquelle Family

Welcome to our school, welcome to your community! We hope you will think of this as your second home -- a place to learn and have fun in a caring and supportive environment! We are Nicole Chang and Denis Fasquelle, wife-husband co-owner team. We are so excited to bring theCoderSchool to the Los Angeles area! We are joined by our two teenagers and Chuck the Chihuahua. Our son Ming-Wei will be joining Stanford Class 2024 in the Fall, but until then can be found hacking away. Our daughter, Cybèle is a junior in high school, and usually can be found at the recording studio (she is a budding international singer/songwriter @cybelemusic). And Chuck the Chihuahua can usually be found looking for food scraps by your feet.

A little about us – We come from a family of educators. Nicole grew up in New Haven, CT where her father was a Professor at Yale, and Mom an educator for the talented and gifted. Denis hails from Paris, France where his mother taught music at the Conservatory of Lyon. We have lived abroad for almost 20 years in Europe and Asia where we were senior business executives and entrepreneurs (we have jointly started over 4 companies!) in the finance, retail, service, and media-entertainment industries. We currently serve at the Board level for some educational institutions and have lectured/taught at many great ones including local Californian Stanford, USC, and UCLA. Nicole studied programming at Harvard University where she graduated with ‘BA in Economics, and received her JD and MBA from Stanford University. Denis has his MBA from Cornell/ESSEC.

As parents and social activists, we believe in the importance of equipping today’s youth (and yesterday’s youth - we teach adults too!) with the tools they need not only for their personal success and careers, but to change the world and make it a better place for the generations to come. This involves developing a creative mindset and the ability to think critically and to communicate with others. We chose to develop theCoderSchool in our community because we believe in its philosophy of teaching to code through a personalized entrepreneurial coaching approach, learning in a fun and supportive environment, encouraging self-expression, and fostering a family-oriented community.

We hope you will join our community and we look forward to working with you and your children to create an amazing learning environment. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at or

What is theCoderSchool? We are an after-school drop-off (and virtual) program for kids learning to code - a coding school! There's after-school kung fu. There's after-school music lessons, sports, art, tutoring, Chinese, you name it, it's out there. But coding for kids? We're among the first of many, and the largest in Silicon Valley with more locations on the way around the country. The future will be ever more dependent on technology so let's get our young generation ready. Learn to Code, Change the World®.

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