Learning about coding will give you the tools to make a video game, but did you know playing games can teach you to code?

It’s true!

While some may simply contain stories inspired by the world of coding, others teach players how to code with problem solving, critical thinking, and of course fun. Ever since the 1984 release of Lee Kristofferson’s video game System 1500, coding students and enthusiasts alike have been playing video games that trade in hit combos for sequences.

Want to play a game that challenges your knowledge of coding? Here are 10 video games about coding that we recommend you check out.

10. Shenzhen I/O

In this 2016 video game you play as an electronics engineer who takes a new role in Shenzhen, China. Those who also enjoy the world of electronics should play this game since it doesn’t only incorporate assembly language but real-life circuitry as well.

9. Codehunt

Developed my Microsoft Research, CodeHunt challenges players to solve puzzles using both C# and Java.

8. Human Resource Machine

For a fun introduction to the world of programming, the Tomorrow Corporation’s 2017 game Human Resource Machine is the game for you. The game is also available to play on the Nintendo Switch. That’s right, you can practice coding on your Nintendo.

7. 7 Billion Humans

When you’ve finally mastered Human Resource Machine, you can move on to a tougher challenge. 7 Billion Humans contains even more levels than its predecessor and requires managing whole groups of workers as opposed to one at a time.

6. SpaceChem

A game that teaches chemistry and programming, SpaceChem puts you inside a reactor and requires players to create visual programs that keep reactors running smoothly. This is a pretty difficult game, Homer Simpson need not apply.

5. Vim Adventures

Who knew you could save the world with a text editor? But in Vim Adventures you do just that, all while learning Vim.

4. Hack ‘N’ Slash

Most video games don’t lay its pieces out on the table for players to mix, match, and customize. Hack ‘N’ Slash takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series but differs in the way it allows a player to change their character’s attributes by accessing the game’s source code.

3. Exapunks

In 2018, Zachtronics released a game set in the apocalyptic world of 1997, not our 1997 of course but an alternate one. Players must hack into computer systems to complete missions given to them by an unknown A.I. The game is so in-depth it allows players from all over to compete and even contains its own fictional news publication.

2. Tis-1000

Completing puzzles with coding can be difficult enough but add in a late 1970’s computer and you’ve got quite a game on your hands.

1. Hacker

While System 1500 paved the way for games about coding, it was Activision’s 1985 game Hacker that proved games about programming could hook all types of gamers. The story is something about of a 1980’s film, with secret servers, international incidents, and security breaches that keep players entertained as they work at solving complex puzzles.

The games listed above are available on a variety of platforms including the Nintendo Switch, PC (through Steam), or as open source software you can play for free. You can’t learn everything you need to know about coding from a video game, but they can test your abilities and make you better at solving problems, which only helps you get to the next level in life.

Think of your brain as a storage unit. While it grows with every day that passes, it still can only contain so much information at once. When you’re working on something difficult, a lot is required from your brain. So, while you’re struggling to figure out an error you made in a sequence, you don’t want to constantly shift your attention to the mess around you.

You can avoid the hassles of a messy workspace by practicing good habits and putting in place a routine that works for you.

Get started on cleaning your workspace with these seven simple workspace organization tips.

Ditch the Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are bright so they can catch our eye and remind us of something important. Their strength, unfortunately, is also their weakness.

Sticky notes can be distracting, especially when they’re piled one on top of the other around the edges of the screen, only after they’ve fallen for the fiftieth time and are covered in the dog’s hair and dirt — you get the point.

Most computers offer some sort of notepad for your desktop that allows you to constantly display reminders off to the side, no paper needed.

Keep Necessary Items Close

The things you use for most for work should never be far enough that you give yourself excuses to not put them away.

Get a Paper Shredder

Since we’re on the topic of paper, you should get yourself a paper shredder. You can get one for as low as $20 in most places and they really help you get rid of excess, unnecessary paper. Plus, it’s just really satisfying to shred paper, trust us.

Adopt Hobby Methods

The same methods that have kept baseball and Pokemon cards of the world in mint condition can also be used for your work or school materials. If you have any literature or things like documents, manuals, or reviews, they should be kept in some sort of plastic sleeve or folder at least.

Take Note of Your Snack’s Packaging

There are times when you’ll get hungry while working on something, and you should always have a snack nearby for this reason. Make sure the snacks you eat don’t have excessive packaging and that you don’t eat a bunch of small snacks with individual wrappers. Also, chocolate can get everywhere, which brings us to our next point…

Clean Your Screen

If you’re working on a project for work or school, constantly noticing dirt and smudge marks on your screen will get on your nerves after a while. If you have a tablet or a laptop with touch screen capabilities a dirty screen will seriously slow down your work. Your websites and coding creations will look much better on a clean screen.

Time to Delete

As a coder, the mess inside your computer is just as important as the area around it. Every week or so make it a habit to clean up your unnecessary files and empty out your Recycle Bin. This cleans up your computer, makes it run faster, and reduces the risks of viruses and malware.

With a clean workspace, you can focus on the task at hand and not worry about a slow computer or roaches using your keyboard as a labyrinth.

The moment you begin your journey into the world of coding, you learn that the computer you use is your best friend. Sure, it can act up sometimes, and the occasional bug or two might make life hard for you, but programming languages are nothing without the machines we need to talk to.

That’s why you should treat your computer with the same attention as you would a pet. You don’t have to walk it, of course, but you do need to keep it clean.

Cleaning your computer is easy, and we’ve provided a few hacks to help make it even easier.

1. Purging Files

Duplicate and unnecessary files can slow down your computer, which in turn, slows down your work. Instead of sifting through every single file looking for ones to delete, you should utilize a trusted file cleanup program or the Windows Disk Cleanup already installed on Windows OS.

2. Cleaning Your Keyboard

It’s all too common for people to chow down at their computer, and there’s really no issue unless it gets in the way of your work. There shouldn’t be crumbs so big that they’re making it impossible to press the “F” key on your keyboard.

Compressed air cans work best, but you can use a small fan or hair dryer as well. If you really want to get creative, you can put the end of a condiment bottle on top of a vacuum hose and get the crumbs out that way.

After removing the crumbs from your keyboard, it’s a good idea to clean the keys with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol you can also use mouthwash.

3. DIY Screen Cleaner

Keeping your screen clean will make it easier to see your work and prevents you from getting distracted by dark smudges. You could buy screen cleaner or just make your own using one-half white vinegar and one-half water.

4. Wipes That Won’t Scratch

Once you have your solution, you’ll want to use a something to wipes your screen that isn’t too coarse since that can leave scratches. A coffee filter or dryer sheet can get the job done.

5. Cleaning Your Mousepad

A dirty mousepad slows down your mouse and can get gross looking after a while. You can hand wash it with soap but there’s an even easier solution: throw it in with your laundry. As long as it’s washed in cold water and left to air dry it will be fine.

6. Cleaning a Laptop

Laptops are typically more fragile than desktop computers, so care should be taken to ensure their safety when cleaning them. Using nail polish remover works well for laptops with brightly colored surfaces. Magic Eraser sponges also work, but they should be used lightly and on laptops that have a more heavy-duty construction.

Remember to always unplug your desktops and monitors before you clean them to avoid any permanent damage to the devices. You don’t have to clean your computer every day, or even every week, but a good cleaning is necessary every so often.

Computers give coders the power to make their ideas and projects come to life. A clean computer is a happy one, and happy computers mean happy coders.



You see it all the time, people running outside and working out at the gym with headphones on. They don’t only want to look cool, they just know that music makes working out significantly better!

So, why wouldn’t you take the same approach when working out your mind?

Coding is the ultimate mind exercise, it involves extreme attention to detail and a whole lot of critical thinking. Listening to music can greatly help, with its ability to motivate and relax the mind, it’s the perfect companion for coding.

Next time you’re working on a coding project here are 9 songs to get you “in the zone.”

Halo Theme – Martin O’ Donnell

There are many variations of this song, but the Halo 2 menu screen is iconic. The chants in this song are especially helpful during those intense coding situations.

Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat) – The Immortals

The Immortals became, well, immortal, with their 1999 techno hit. Try listening to this song the next time you’re working on your video game.

Go Robot – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sometimes coding requires you to be one with the computer in order to find your flow.

Funkentelechy – Parliament

Bernie Worrell’s galactic synth combined with Bootsy Collins’ space blaster-like bass make this song a powerful weapon against the coding blues.

Spaceship Earth Theme

The score to this iconic EPCOT attraction evokes images of evolving technology and makes us realize our place as coders, in the history of communication.

Halcyon On and On – Orbital

This song starts off slow and eventually comes to an uplifting beat perfect for putting together long sequences. The vocal tracks have an almost soothing effect, which can help during stressful times behind the keyboard.

Derezzed from Tron Legacy Soundtrack – Daft Punk

If you’ve ever stared at the screen so long you felt like you were going to fall in, you’re probably a coder. If you’ve ever actually fallen into the computer, then you’re a member of the Flynn family.

Love Game – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga knows how to make a catchy song, and once this beat enters your brain, you’ll be inspired to take your coding to crazy new levels of creativity.

Master of Puppets – Metallica

Whether you’re changing the layout of a website, programming a robot, or animating a sprite for a video game, one fact remains; you are the master! Master!

Music tastes vary, so of course what works with some people won’t with others. But that’s one of the great things about coding, we’re all inspired by different aspects of life to begin learning. Try listening to a wide variety of music, that way you’re guaranteed to have a full arsenal of songs for tackling any coding problems you have in the future.


If you hear a statistic like “58% of parents feel that coding and programming is the most beneficial skill to their child’s future,” you’d assume coding is boring. Let’s be honest, anytime we’re told something is “beneficial” to our future we think of work or something we must do.

Coding is one of the few exceptions to this line of thought, because not only is it a beneficial skill to have but also fun to use!

Coding provides the building blocks for so much of the exciting technology in our world, and when you learn how to use those building blocks you too get to take part in the excitement. Solving problems within a line of code is like putting together a difficult puzzle, and once you find all the pieces you get a sense of happiness because you know you’re the one who fixed it.

If you’re a creative individual, you will soon begin to see just how much your new knowledge of coding is helping you create things right out of your imagination. This could mean programming your very own robot, designing a new video game, or creating an awesome website that attracts thousands of subscribers.

That doesn’t mean the fun only begins once you’ve learned how to code.

In fact, you’ll find that learning to code is no longer achieved solely through textbooks and lectures but also games, activities, and experiments! You can learn to code in a variety of ways, and there’s basically something for every learning style.

Coding camps and schools like theCoderSchool use techniques that approach coding in ways that are both fun and informative, many children look forward to these lessons and classes. You also have the added advantage of learning with other students and helping one another get better at coding.

As you get better, you’ll not only have more fun but also be exposed to opportunities many other students won’t have.

When you think of your dream career, do you think of something fun? Ideally, you will find some sort of excitement or satisfaction in the roles you decide to take throughout life. Coding is an essential skill for some very exciting jobs out there,

Coding allows you to stand out in a crowd of job applicants all fighting for the same job, you could get picked out of the group to do the job of your dreams.

In a way, coding gives you the chance to have more fun in the future. When you get to have a job that pays well and makes you happy, you’ll understand that the future doesn’t get any more fun than that.