Amazon Tech Changing World

Seemingly everywhere you look Amazon is disrupting there way to life changing technology. They’ve changed the face of retail and grocery shopping in an instant and now could potentially challenge Google in voice search.

What started as an online book store over 20 yrs ago has morphed into the most convenient way to interact with the world.

Lets go over some of the most impactful thing that Amazon has done. Try and keep in mind that most people would trade anything for the sake of convenience. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is remind yourself of the Facebook data breach. In that situation, we traded our personal data and behaviors for the convenience of staying connected with friends and family. With Amazon, it’s not all doom and gloom.

They do utilize our data but in exchange, we are saving a lot more time than if we had to do a lot of this in person.

1-Click Shopping

A long time ago, shopping online was more of an inconvenience and people were paranoid with putting their personal information on the internet. Now people just want the quickest most seamless online experience so they can spend more time with their family.

So, with that, 1-click shopping was born so you didn’t have to keep typing in all your personal information over and over again.

Democratizing e-commerce

How does a small mom and pop scale and compete with the big boys? Amazon saw an opportunity by releasing Amazon Web Services which is a cloud computing service. AWS just grossed $7.9 billion in 2015!

Amazon Marketplace

Interested in working for yourself? Amazon made it easy for people to learn how to try it out by selling online. With customer trust at the center of it all, they laid the foundation of how people bought and sold online. In the early days of the internet, there was an all around lack of trust and Amazon did everything they could to change that.

Amazon also allowed for customers to read excerpts from the book before buying on the hunch that they would buy more if they knew what was inside.

In this case, they were 100% correct but most publishers didn’t like this approach until they saw their sales go up.

Return Policies

Returning an item used to be a giant waste or time and in some cases, a very stress filled experience. Amazon changed that allowing shoppers to just keep some items and get a refund. It saved them money on shipping and created a lot of good will among shoppers.

Better Communication

There is records for everything. When you buy something, you get an email, when it ships, you get an email, scheduled delivery comes with an email as well.

Amazon Prime

This is changing shipping by allowing you to get same day delivery and free 2-day shipping on thousands of items. It’s also somewhat of a loyalty program and also comes with entertainment with prime video.

Amazon no doubt couldn’t have done all this without their visionary leader Jeff Bezos. WIth that being said, they also employ an army of the most brilliant engineers on the planet who understand how to code and think critically.

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By Hansel

Hansel is the Founder & CEO of theCoderSchool and has been at the heart of it ever since its inception in 2013.