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Coding for 7 Year Olds: Programming Classes & Camps

Coding for 7 Year Olds: Programming Classes & Camps

Our computer programming classes and camps are all about interactivity and fun. At theCoderSchool, kids learn how some of their favorite games and toys come to life, making coding fun and engaging for kids as young as seven years old.

We want to help your kids turn their hobby into useful skills, whether it’s digging into the inner workings of their favorite video game such as Minecraft or bringing a robot to life. 

Can a 7 Year Old Learn to Code?

One of the great aspects of coding is that we’ve found that kids ages seven and up can grasp foundational concepts. Our beginning coding classes and coding camps will help kids as young as seven learn how to code with fun programs such as Scratch from MIT, which is a highly visual language and designed for young coders. Some kids may be ready to explore coding concepts even younger than age seven—and there are ways parents can help introduce coding to very young children at home.

Is 7 years old too young to learn coding?

You might wonder whether seven years old is too young to learn coding. For some kids, that could be true. We’ve found it’s the youngest age at which most students can begin successfully grasping basic coding concepts. 

The most important thing to ensure your child is ready for coding is their interest in the subject. 

If they love playing Minecraft or Roblox, they’ll likely be drawn to learning what makes their games come to life. With our carefully designed classes and camps, kids will learn topics such as sequencing, debugging, and conditionals through fun, engaging tutorials with our educators.

Many parents wait until their child turns eight years old, which might be a better time to start coding for some students.

Best Coding Classes & Camps for 7 Year Olds

TheCoderSchool offers coding classes that are appropriate for kids who are just starting their coding skills journey. These classes emphasize subjects already interesting to kids, such as video game development. 

The below coding classes are recommended for the younger kids, however we don’t discriminate by age. For example, if your child has some background knowledge and great interest in a class that’s intended for older kids, we encourage them to try it out. 

Rather than holding kids back, we want to support their interests, which goes back to theCoderTree learning philosophy. One day, your kid will likely be ready to dig into Swift and JavaScript, but we like to start out with the basics.

The courses below are great for kids who are as young as seven, and focus on game-building, programming logic, and problem-solving. Our classes, taught by professional programmers, help kids who are interested in STEM subjects and computational thinking take their understanding to the next level. 

At theCoderSchool, coding lessons are typically taught once per week with Code Coaches and at a two-to-one ratio, however we also offer private lessons for kids who prefer to learn one-on-one. With just one hour of code classes a week, kids can make impressive gains as they progress in their learning.

The coding camps are taught during school breaks: We have spring break camps, summer camps, and winter breaks for seven-year-olds who benefit from some structured activity while away from school. 

Scratch Classes

Our Scratch classes are great for new coders who are just starting to grasp how coding languages work. Rather than tricky syntax, this program feels more like a puzzle game: It uses visuals and graphics to teach kids how to code, with color-coded drag-and-drop building blocks that help plant the foundational seeds of programming. 

Scratch is a great programming language for younger coders because it involves coding games and is highly interactive. 

Scratch is one of the best learning resources for younger coders. Foundational concepts learned in a fun way through Scratch help kids as they transition to more complex languages later on such as HTML, CSS, Java, or Python.

Game Development Camps

We understand how much kids love video games, and have found that game development camp is a great way for younger kids to grasp new concepts and feel engaged. In this camp, kids get to build their very own games with interactive stories help from our qualified Code Coaches. 

Students in this camp will use Snap! or Scratch to learn video game development coding concepts. 

Private Lessons

Not all seven-year-olds benefit from working in group settings, which is why we also offer private lessons for students. Our Code Coaches will work one-on-one with your child and help them learn to code at their pace. We know that new concepts are best learned when there’s a genuine interest, and will help make coding fun and relatable for kids of any age.

Find Coding Classes for 7 Year Olds Near You

Signing your kid up for coding classes is easy: theCoderSchool is located all over the country, meaning you’ll likely be able to find a class near you. Whether your child just wants to learn the basics of coding or is determined to understand how their favorite video game works, our coding classes and camps are perfect for kids as young as seven to gain programming skills.

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