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Top Free Platforms to Learn Python for Middle Schoolers

Top Free Platforms to Learn Python for Middle Schoolers

Middle school is a dynamic time for kids, especially when it comes to developmental learning. That makes it the perfect time for kids who love computer science and coding to dig into new concepts and face new challenges.

Kids ages 11 to 13 tend to thrive learning Python. It’s intuitive, yet challenging, and is versatile enough to help your young coder expand their coding skills exponentially. 

Python is an incredibly popular language in today’s coding world. Both Netflix and Spotify were built using Python, which is a testament to its versatility and the possibilities it affords. Programmers today use Python for all kinds of real-world problems, making it an amazing language to learn at a young age.

TheCoderSchool includes Python in The Trunk of our Coder Tree learning progression. Here, your child will learn the foundation and branch out to advanced concepts. 

Let’s look at some of the top free platforms out there for learning Python, and why it’s a great coding language for middle school students to learn.

Should Middle Schoolers Learn Python?

When kids hit middle school, the logical part of their brains start growing like wildfire. Python courses are an incredible way to harness that growth and turn it into an exciting new chapter of their coding journey.

Beyond understanding new programming concepts and coding fundamentals, students who pick up Python will gain knowledge about object-oriented programming and improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

We recommend Python for most middle schoolers who have some prior coding experience. It’s a great way to hone logical thinking skills and learn to code in visual, dynamic methods—competencies that they’ll carry with them as they progress in their programming skills. 

While Python isn’t a difficult language to learn, students progress far faster with the help of one of theCoderSchool’s Code Coaches. Even the most motivated self-learner will come up against challenges if trying to learn without a teacher, which is why it’s a great subject to tackle in after-school coding classes.

What Can My Child Learn from Online Python Tutorials?

Online Python tutorials are a great way for students to learn a new coding language in fun, visual settings. There are plenty of free Python training programs that make it far easier to learn the fundamentals, grasp new coding concepts, and practice their skills.

We know that some kids are able to pick up Python on their own, but we highly recommend working with one of our Code Coaches to help your child advance quickly and in a supportive environment. TheCoderSchool provides one-on-one coaching to help your child move through the Python tutorials and tackle hard subjects along the way. 

4 Free Platforms for Learning Python

There are plenty of free computer programming platforms out there to help new coders learn Python. Here are a few Python programs we recommend for our students.

Trinket is a great Python training program to help kids who learned to code using Scratch or Codecombat. This free Python platform allows students to code in Python purely on web browsers. Students create their own accounts when starting out, which allows them to save their code during each session. 

Students who are familiar with Scratch will recognize the “Remix” option, which allows you to take someone else’s project, create your own copy, and edit the code from there. Trinket also has a graphical library called Turtle which allows users to draw things on the screen—great for the highly visual learner.

PixelPad is similar to Trinket in many ways, and is another great free platform for kids learning Python. Like Trinket, PixelPad allows users to set up an account on a web browser and log in to create and save their code in the cloud. PixelPad is more game-like than Trinket, and has step-by-step curriculums to help keep students on track

Coding Bat

For students who are more logic-oriented, Coding Bat is a great free option. Both Python and Java are available to learn on Coding Bat, making it a great program to get familiar with if your child is thinking about picking up Java, as well. 

Rather than the game-like style of PixelPad, Coding Bat presents kids with logical problems which they have to solve using code. After completing each puzzle, students submit their Python code for the site to check their answers. It’s a simple concept, but is a fantastic way to help kids hone coding basics such as if-then conditions. 


This coding website is perfect for the student who loves to compete. CodeWars allows young coders to improve their skills by training with other coders and competing in programming challenges. The platform offers coding practice in Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and others.

Take Python Programming to the Next Level

Learning a new coding language isn’t so different from learning a new spoken language: It requires plenty of practice. Even the most proficient coders benefit from having some guidance, and our Code Coaches can help your child pick up new skills far more quickly than if they tried to learn on their own.

To help your child advance in their programming career, consider signing up for one of theCoderSchool’s Python camps. We operate camps across the country, so find a camp near you to get started. More information about Python Coding Classes here.

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