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What Do You Learn in Robotics?

What Do You Learn in Robotics?

Artificial intelligence is the stuff sci-fi movies, video games, and comic books are made of, and most kids are crazy for them. At theCoderSchool, we help kids learn how to make their own robot come to life by learning how to code.

Even kids without previous programming experience can join a robotics class. We have a robotics camp and robotics classes that are great for kids who have some experience or for those who are just starting out on their coding journey. 

Our camps happen during school breaks (summer, spring, and winter) and are very small and hands-on—typically just six students in each camp. 

Robotics classes are even smaller, with most of our students taking low-ratio courses consisting of just two students per educator. Low-ratio in-person and online learning allow students to go at their own pace, and working with another student helps kids learn from one another and the instructor at the same time.

Our classes allow students to learn robotics and also assemble and program their own robots. We use mBot for our tutorials, a STEAM education robot that is standard for our robotics camps and classes. After assembling their bots, students will learn how to give it basic commands and eventually program tasks. 

Signs Your Child May Love Robotics

How do you know if your child would love a robotics class? While many kids might be into robots, having the interest in bringing one to life requires a deeper interest in computer programming and a propensity for puzzles, games, and math.

Both our classes and camps offer students a chance to dig into the inner workings of robots, giving them hands-on programming skills and helping them learn valuable computer science and math skills. As kids start to learn what it takes to become a programmer, these hands-on experiences are vital for instilling confidence and a passion for robotics. 

Building robots from scratch is one giant puzzle. If your child loves puzzles and games, they’ll thrive in one of theCoderSchool’s robotics classes.

What Skills Do Children Learn in Robotics Classes?

First and foremost, kids come away from our robotics classes with more advanced knowledge of programming concepts. Each student’s path of learning will differ based on what they explore in our Coder Tree progression.

They’ll learn various skills, including creative problem-solving skills, and improve their math, science, and logic knowledge. Beyond the technical robotics skills learned, kids also learn valuable social skills.

Some of the robotics concepts our students learn include machine learning, algorithms, event detection, and automated robot motion optimization. Students who are new to programming can code their robots using the beginner friendly programming language Scratch, while more intermediate coders can program using Python for robot automation.

While we love to teach the technical skills of coding, our educators understand the importance of real-world soft skills. Students work together and challenge one another during our coding camps, learning important teamwork skills throughout the program. And in our low-ratio classes, kids get the added benefit of peer-to-peer learning.

Although our classes are designed for beginners, the skills learned will prepare your child for advanced robotics courses where they can learn kinematics, more complex robotic systems, and specialization.

Learning robotics can open the door to learning more advanced skills that will set kids up for a future in fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or robotics engineering. The job market for robotics is constantly growing, and learning robotics at an early age could pave the way for a future roboticist. 

Find a Robotics Class Near You

Signing up your child for a robotics program will be a huge step forward for them in their coding journey. They’ll have a chance to build a real robot from scratch and program it to do real tasks such as completing a maze or taking part in a small robotics competition. 

Our students come away with confidence in their coding skills and with the exciting knowledge that coding can bring inanimate objects to life. 

The field of robotics is growing, making robotics classes a great entry point into an exciting future for your child. TheCoderSchool offers both online courses and in-person robotics courses at our locations around the country. Be sure to check our website for coding camps and classes near you.


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