Coding Job Highlight: IBM Watson Product Manager

Parents may be wondering if spending the money to teach their kids how to code is worth it. While average salaries for coding are much higher than most, it would help to at the very least map out a path to somewhat follow along the way. Sitting down with your kids and looking at what others in technology are doing can help you figure out what could be the most fun career path to choose from.

Anamita Guha, for example, is an IBM Watson product manager which allows her to work on the forefront of the AR, VR, and AI technology boom. She describes how she works as “organized chaos”, which is extremely accurate when working in tech, especially if you end up in a startup.

(Hint: A lot of folks in our after school coding program might end up working for a startup!)

 Photo by KeremYucel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by KeremYucel/iStock / Getty Images

How did she get her start?

Anamita spent most of her childhood moving to different parts of the world, including India and Kansas (of all places).

“I became intrigued by people and specifically, how they think and process situations. I was also lucky to grow up in Silicon Valley, where both of my parents worked in tech, and always brought home the latest tech gadgets or taught me about emerging trends. I actually began designing websites for others as a side job when I was just nine years old!”

This gave her the opportunity to see how people react to different situations in different states. It was during this time that understanding behavior and how people dealt with different situations that laid the groundwork for working with IBM Watson.

She also relishes in the fact that her workday is always different as well as very flexible. While most of her day doesn’t revolve around coding, her in-depth understanding of human behavior and the technology allows her to impact the world from a different perspective. When you learn code, it doesn’t always mean you have to carve out a living in the trenches. You can oversee teams of programmers and developers while pushing the technology forwards in a completely different way.

As a coder, you’ll soon become enamored with becoming more efficient and productive with your time and Anamita is no different. There is a never ending amount of things to do and becoming a master at productivity is the best way to take care of it all.

“I am obsessed with color coding and handwriting notes, so I can’t live without my colorful set of pens, notebooks, and Post-It notes. I also need music or noise to focus, so Spotify is a must-have. Additionally, I rely on my Google Calendar to help me organize my day, and lastly, I use voice-centric gadgets like Siri on my Apple Watch a lot.”

In the coding world, it’s easy to forget that it’s people who are the ones coming up with the ideas and writing it in the first place. Anamita fully understands that as she believes people are “your most valuable assets” so she takes the time to get to know everyone on a personal level which helps build trust so she understands what they do best.

A lot of people may be worried that artificial intelligence will take over the world rendering humans completely useless but that isn’t true!

“Artificial intelligence is not going to take over the world! I like to think of AI to be augmented intelligence, as it exists to make our world more efficient and easier.”

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By Hansel

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