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How Minecraft Teaches Coding

How Minecraft Teaches Coding

With its colorful characters and immersive open world gameplay, Minecraft is one of those games that grabs kids’ attention in a flash. But it’s more than just a game; it’s also an incredible teaching platform to help students learn about computer programming.

TheCoderSchool uses the Minecraft Education Edition to teach coding because it’s one of the most accessible and beginner-friendly platforms for kids to learn coding. From its drag-and-drop coding format to its exciting storylines, Minecraft shows kids that coding can be fun. 

Our students take their newfound coding concepts into the rest of their lives, whether it’s pursuing computer science skills or honing their problem-solving skills in another subject. But most of all, Minecraft coding courses teach kids about the power of coding and how video games can be used to learn more about the world around us.

How Minecraft Can Help Kids Understand Coding

In the Minecraft world, kids can program as well as just play. Using the platform’s easy-to-use code editor kids can hone their coding skills while programming their Minecraft characters to perform certain actions. 

The entire coding process is easy to grasp with Microsoft’s Minecraft educational program. Kids can do simple drag n’ drop coding or choose other programming languages such as JavaScript and Python—two languages of our Coder Tree progression.

Coding languages can be tricky to pick up, but beginner coders in our programs get an intro to real-world programming languages through a fun and collaborative learning experience. Video game coding camps get kids started on the right foot, helping plant the seeds for their budding coding careers.

How Can My Kid Start Coding in Minecraft?

While there are Minecraft coding tutorials online, we believe that coding is best learned in a supportive environment. Our coaches don’t set out rigid lesson plans; instead, we use the Minecraft game to introduce coding to students of any skill level. 

Similar to Scratch, Minecraft uses drag-and-drop code editors that are easy to understand and which provide step-by-step instructions. Kids can also get creative and introduce their own code.

Our coding camps are taught in low-ratio groups, with just six students per instructor. This setting gives educators a chance to meet students where they are in their skill set, challenging them appropriately with age-appropriate lessons. If a camp isn’t in the cards, we also offer private lessons for kids who need a more flexible program.

Beyond getting personalized lessons, students in our camp gain valuable social skills. Kids who learn in a collaborative environment work in a team to accomplish tasks. We find that students also learn from one another, making it a great environment to build teamwork and group problem-solving skills.

The collaborative nature of our programs is what makes theCoderSchool unique and fun. We don’t think sitting in a classroom is the way to learn, which is why our hands-on programs are so powerful for our students. They get to play and learn using a video game they love, and make huge strides in their knowledge through the process.

Find A Minecraft Coding Camp for Kids Near You

Our Minecraft coding camps are the best way to help your child learn how to code. We offer both day camps and after school programs for children across the country. Find a Minecraft coding camp near you to get your child started today.


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