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Python Programming for Kids

Python Programming for Kids

Python is one of the most powerful, yet versatile and easy-to-learn computer programming languages being used by programmers today. It’s complex enough that companies such as Netflix and Spotify use it, yet it’s one of the more accessible languages to learn, making it an amazing language for kids to learn as they become budding programmers.

We love Python because it’s one of the most flexible languages out there. It allows for both structured and object-oriented programming, meaning new coders will find diverse ways to problem-solve and work out logical puzzles. 

Whether your child is curious about artificial intelligence and machine learning, or they want to learn data science, Python is a great language to pick up as a young coder.

Is Python for Kids, or Just Adults?

Python isn’t just a coding language for young programmers: It’s also one of the most popular languages being used by real-world coders today. While it’s powerful enough to support popular applications such as Spotify, it’s also a great first language because it’s beginner friendly. It’s a great language for kids to learn after mastering Scratch in their early coding education. 

Python skills tend to grow with each coder, meaning it can become more complex as your child learns and grows their computer science skills. There are a couple key reasons we think Python is great for kids. First off, it’s one of the most human-readable languages in use today. Rather than challenging syntax and high-level jargon, its readability is what makes it easy for kids to pick up. 

Another reason Python is great for kids is that it’s much faster to write code. Once students learn the basics, a typical Python coding script is shorter than the equivalent Javascript program, making it faster to learn and less arduous to write. We think it’s a great option for middle schoolers who have some experience in coding courses and are ready to jump into more complex material.

How Can I Help My Child Learn Python Programming?

Python’s popularity means it’s possible to learn in several diverse formats. Students learning Python can gravitate toward a learning style that works for their particular needs, from online courses to video games and books.

Here are several learning methods for Python and some examples we recommend. 

Free Online Courses

There are plenty of online Python courses that help walk students through step-by-step coding tutorials. Some are game-based, others are rooted in logic and puzzles, while some offer competitive coding to get kids writing code with enthusiasm. We recommend the free Python tutorial platforms Trinket, PixelPad, Codewars, and Coding Bat.

Python Video Games

If your young coder is also into video games, leverage this to help them learn to code and develop problem-solving skills. Programs such as CodeCombat are amazing for harnessing kids’ interests to help them write Python code in highly visual, engaging ways.

Books About Python

For bookworms, reading about the basics of Python might be the best learning method for helping programming concepts really sink in. The kids’ Python books that we like are engaging, highly visual, and entertaining. A couple of our favorites include Python for Kids by Jason R. Briggs and Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes.

Python Courses & Camps

One of the very best ways to learn Python is through hands-on, guided learning. 

Our Python courses and Python camps provide low-ratio instruction with our talented Code Coaches available to teach Python either in private classes or small group sessions. Our courses and camps are designed to be fun and interactive, helping students as they work through new coding concepts and learning important fundamentals along the way.

Find Local Python Programming Classes for Kids

When you’re ready to sign your child up for a programming class to learn Python, the first step is to go online and check out our course offerings in your area. You can sign up for an online coding class or find a camp near you if your child would rather have the in-person experience.

Learning Python is a fun and transformative experience in any young programmer’s coding journey. Contact theCoderSchool today to learn more about our camps and classes.


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