The Growth of Python

 Green Tree Python.  Just like the language.
Green Tree Python.  Just like the language.

Are you wondering what programming language you should learn? Python may be the best one you could choose. David Robinson, who is a data scientist at Stack Overflow, claims Python could be the fastest-growing major programming language around.

Python became the most visited tag on Stack Overflow just this past June. The US and UK lead the charge as it holds the top spot in both countries. It’s top two behind Java or JavaScript just about everywhere else.

At this rate, Robinson predicts that Python will be the most visited tag in 2018. R, Go, Rust and TypeScript are also accelerating but at a much smaller rate than Python. Robinson doesn’t think that more means better. Looking at these numbers simply helps us all understand the developer ecosystem and how it could be changing.

At theCoderSchool, Python is one of our go-to languages when it comes to transitioning kids away from Scratch.  Using cool online platforms like Trinket or PixelPad and local libraries like Pygame, we’ve got our own unique way of helping get engaged into a typed world from a drag n drop world.  After all, drag-n-drop is awesome, but you gotta get typing at some point right?

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By Hansel

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