What are the Best Paying Cities for Software Engineers?

Learning to code can open up a lot more doors for you than a lot of other careers. Because of that, you’ll have way more options than you would in many other careers. Companies will pay more and you’ll have your pick of where you want to live. Some cities or states pay a lot more than others but where do they pay the most?

 Seattle, WA Seattle, WA

The rankings, courtesy of Glassdoor:

  • Seattle, WA: With a real adjusted salary of $105,735 and 4,205 job openings.
  • San Jose, CA: With a real adjusted salary of $100,989 and 2,017 job openings.
  • San Francisco, CA: With a real adjusted salary of $99,751 and 2,232 job openings.
  • Madison, WI: With a real adjusted salary of $97,236 and 105 job openings.
  • Raleigh, NC: With a real adjusted salary of $94,142 and 416 job openings.

It’s no surprise to see San Francisco and San Jose near the top. Seattle reigns as the highest but isn’t too far ahead of either San Jose or San Francisco. The two biggest surprises are Madison, WI and Raleigh, NC.

Of course, you don’t have to move to those cities. The cost of living is higher and some coders elect instead to live in a city with lower cost of living.  The moral of the story, if you can code, you might have a high paying job waiting for you!

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By Hansel

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