6 Tips to Help You Focus While Studying

Young happy black student using laptop while learning for her exams. There are people in the background.

It’s 11:57 at night, you have a huge test tomorrow morning, and you’ve only made it to number 6 on your 50 question exam study guide… sounds familiar right? You’re not alone, and many people struggle with studying. Either they are lucky enough to retain all the material the first time and don’t need to,… Continue reading 6 Tips to Help You Focus While Studying

How Coding Makes You Smarter

Light bulb with brain inside the hands of the businessman. The concept of the business idea.

While learning to code, you’ve probably realized how complex and intricate coding can be. Coding takes patience and a lot of brain power to successfully write code. With all the work your brain is doing while coding, have you ever wondered how coding is benefiting your brain? A technical skill like coding is bound to… Continue reading How Coding Makes You Smarter

Are Coding Jobs Boring?

You’ve probably started to hear about the benefits of learning to code and are wondering if it’s right for you.

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